Alberta man may be first to sell house for bitcoin virtual currency

Financial Post | Business

Like countless young men across North America, Taylor More likes sports and hanging out with friends. And if his latest project pans out he’ll be unique — the first person to sell a house for bitcoins.

bitcoin_goldv2He’s already drawn world-wide attention after placing an online ad for his property in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, a small community in the southwestern corner of the province. The story’s been picked up by the BBC in Britain, ABC in the U.S. as well as numerous Canadian news outlets.

Mr. More’s two-bedroom bungalow “with beautiful mountain views” is priced at the equivalent of $405,000 in bitcoins.

A so-called crypto-currency that exists only electronically, bitcoin was created in 2009 and has grown in popularity, the darling of hipsters, digital enthusiasts and, increasingly, doubtful types who value the anonymity and ease of doing business it provides.

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But it has yet to catch on more broadly…

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