Digital Money Revolution

This Is My Go

It is one of those things that most people think impossible. That digital money could someday surpass the coins and notes created in government mints around the world. How could it? How could a digital currency like Bitcoins exist, grow, and thrive as a valid financial currency? Why not, I say.

Once upon a time, there were no ‘coins’ or ‘notes’. People bartered their possessions in order to get something they wanted. Chickens, vegetables, children, their wives! Obviously coins arrived before notes, when we discovered the shiny stuff in the ground. The more shiny stuff you had, the more ‘wealthy’ you were. The more ‘shiny’ stuff something cost, the more ‘expensive’ it was. Maybe it was really rare, maybe it was high demand.

Promissory notes started to appear in circulation in the middle of last century, with the earliest record originating from 1325. These were private currency agreements, where ‘

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