Speculating on the value of Bitcoins – Bubble? or not…

thanks to ardy:theblog


I like to think of myself as someone that knows enough to be dangerous when it comes to financial markets, causes of fluctuations and volatility and possible areas where you can expect a bubble to form. When I try to apply this knowledge and past experience to what is happening with the value of Bitcoins, it is both scary and exciting to think about where this will be in the next 3 months. By now, if you don’t know what Bitcoins are, then read this: http://bitcoin.org/en/how-it-works .

Anyways, as I write this post, the value of 1 BTC (bitcoin) is currently valued at $225 US Dollars. This virtual online currency is now trading for $225 REAL United States Dollars; let that digest for a bit. OK. Just over the last 30 days, bitcoins have gone from relative obscurity to gaining top spots on Bloomberg, Yahoo and other major media outlets…

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