The Bitcoin Had A Busy Weekend

Thanks to Bid With Bitcoins

Bid With Bitcoins


Sorry for the majority of recent post’s being re-blogs…I had an extremely busy weekend between throwing my son’s birthday party and crying because I didn’t buy Bitcoins when they were under $50. This morning I saw the price rise to $199 at and $209 at If you see any smudges on the screens it’s because I was wiping my tears.

Anyway…I think the critics will be eating their words pretty soon if things keep going the way they are. It is a scary thing to think about the bubble actually bursting if you have invested in the Bitcoin but that risk might just be worth it with the recent trends. 2 Friday’s ago I saw the price at $88 now it’s over $200. Do the math and that is a win in anyone’s book, but where is the plateau, and is there one…?

If I knew I would…

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