Bitcoin a new currency for a new age of internet and How Bitcoins are “created”

Good Information here…Thanks to SpartanGomez for the post…


Yesterday I posted about Bitcoin this completely digital electronic currency used to buy and sell anonymously from anywhere to anywhere on the internet.

Here is a more detailed report by Washington post regarding bitcoin if you want more information Washington post article

Bitcoin in the past recent months has increased dramatically in value going from 10USD$ and bitcoin (BTC) to a peak of 240USD$ yesterday all with-in two months!

However after posting that I had some questions about how bitcoins are created so I will attempt to explain what happened yesterday and how bitcoins are created in simple terms

In case you missed it yesterday here is the crazy bitcoin gain chart

Why is the value of BTC going up so quickly ?

People started caring about bitcoin and it is gaining popularity as a currency, Bitcoin is a currency the will change the world, it is impossible to counterfeit…

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