Bitcoin and the Decentralisation of Everything

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Bitcoin is garnering much press attention at the moment and rightly so, the phenomenon deserves it for a number of reasons. One of the macro-trends it underlines however is one of decentralisation. Decentralisation on a domestic level away from the state and into private ownership is something that people are re-visiting in sentimental terms following the passing of Margaret Thatcher. However, what of decentralisation on a macro-level.

There are just some observations, but as is clear the internet, cheaper travel, cheaper communications and greater accessibility to information across the globe has meant information travels faster, cheaper and to more people. An obvious statement perhaps. But the consequences of this are profound. The state’s traditional hold on information has now been lost in most parts of the world leading to power often shifting in different parts of life; the Arab Spring being an example that comes to mind.

Back to Bitcoin however. Bitcoin…

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