Bitcoin Dips

Thanks to Thoughts of a budding writer and infonaut…It’s a crazy roller coaster ride…if you’re on board hang on tight!

Thoughts of an infonaut

Bitcoin Dips

As someone who saw Bitcoin go from 20…. to 5… to 15… and then up exponentially this year, I’ve been wondering…

…What in the hell is it going to do? This is just going up too fast, too quickly, was my intuition. Cyprus or whatever, this is too much like a bubble, it’s gotta crash. I thought it at 50. I thought it at 100. I thought it at 150. I predicted wrong three times, so that I think it is going to crash now is peanuts….

However, that’s what I predict happening because of this dip. I see the panic selling about to begin. Though it is possible that people will hold on, and hope for it to return back upward and stabilize back at a higher value…

Because there is the possibility that this dip will cause many folks who have been watching and hoping for…

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