Bitcoin vs. Gold: Why Only One Makes a Good Currency

That’s a Gold statement…I mean ‘Bold’ Statement. The Bitcoin Goddess has spoken and let it be said that…”As long as there is internet, Bitcoin will be an undeniably attractive and practical method of conducting purchases.” -Bitcoin Goddess. I agree!

Bitcoin Goddess


Don’t get me wrong, this article is certainly not about bashing gold. I love gold and think of it as highly valuable.

Gold is lustrous and malleable, which makes it great for sculpting into jewelry or even art. Gold leaf is created for decorating areas of the home, adding to paintings, or even to decorate haute cuisine and confections.
Gold is edible in very small quantities and Ayurvedic masters advocate it’s great healing powers when administered properly.

Gold is also an efficient conductor of electricity and is used in the building of numerous electronics and even aerospace technology. It serves this purpose masterfully due to the fact that gold simply does not tarnish or corrode and is highly durable, therefore it will not interfere with the electrical conductivity over time.

Gold can even be added to glass to create windows that provide climate controlling for a building. There are…

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