Bitcoin Wallet Service Coinbase Database Breached: Used to Launch Attacks

WARNING! Thanks to The Firewall for the post…

The Firewall

coinbase_logo_whiteThis is new technology (for most of us), and this is a reminder that data security is not a domain specific to Bitcoin, and independent exchanges have no oversight as far as information security goes.

In a recent blog post, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase, reported that a flaw in its systems recently exposed some merchants’ e-mail addresses (h/t Softpedia).

According to Armstrong, merchants who created a “buy now” button, donate button or hosted payment page using Coinbase’s Merchant Tools and posted a public link to it online had the page publicly visible on the Internet.

The page contained the company name, Web site, phone number, mailing address — and e-mail address. “Product pages are meant to have public information about the merchant, but including the merchant’s email address had unintended consequences in this case, and should not have happened,” Armstrong wrote.

Coinbase Admits Data Leak – eSecurity Planet

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