Bitcoins can’t bite you…Shows how much CNN knows

Haters hate. It’s what they do. People are going to tell you not to buy the bitcoin because it fell in price so much, blah, blah, blah. Like I’ve said before if you have a few bucks to throw around (Instead of going out to the club/bar or going shopping at the mall, or wasting money at a restaurant) save that money and give it a shot at working for you. If you invest 200 bucks and lose it, it’s the same as a nice dinner with a loved one at a 5 star restaurant, just without the risk of food poisoning. Instead of dropping $1,000 on a new computer (that I’m sure you already have one but just want a new faster, bigger screen, more memory) throw it at some bitcoins and see if you can make it double up. It’s worth a shot in my opinion. Wait it out the next day or 3 and see if it goes down anymore. If it drops below $20 USD there is no reason you shouldn’t buy at least 10 and see what it does. $200 is like buying 40 beers at a bar ($5 each) groceries for a week or like half a tank of gas in that Hummer of yours. Do it!


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