My thoughts exactly! thanks to AF Bitcoins for the post…

AF Bitcoins


Heres a 10 day chart from a bit earlier. Thats quite a drop from $260 down to $100. So we definitely got the correction. Very hard to tell where it hit in relation to my long term trendline, but I’m still going to claim that as a successful prediction of hitting the resistance I highlighted in my last post. 

In the time since I grabbed this chart, the price has bounced a few times and currently sitting near $170.

Has the bubble finally burst? Maybe its too early to call, but for me no. I’m not calling a top yet, in fact already been buying back some bitcoin I sold prior to this correction. But then again I don’t have much to back that feeling up other than the base of this mania seems bigger than the 2011 mania, the slope has been more gradual. I just think its a…

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