Roller Coaster

I hate roller coasters…But I’m gonna stick this ride out…Thanks In Crypto We Trust

In Crypto We Trust

First I apologize. I had three articles planned for today and I don’t think I am going to get to them.

While some people are asking “where can I get off this ride” the hard core crypto-currency advocates are saying “Can I get a second third and forth ticket?”.  While I fully expect the price to continue to decline for a while more, I also expect them to recover fully. For the long term Bitcoiner’s this is nothing new. For those that this is your first time on the ride… Made you a little sick didn’t it.

Some advice.

For those who’s first ride this way I have a little advice. First I recommend that you stand up, stretch your legs, go get something to drink. Have you done that? Now let me officially welcome you to the world of CryptoCurrency. Now before you delve deeper into this world you…

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