Six things that could cause Bitcoin prices to crash

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The price of the electronic currency Bitcoin continues to soar.

Six weeks ago, Bitcoin was trading at US$35. Since then, the price has continued to surge to new highs. On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin blasted through US$250, before pulling back slightly.

[np_storybar title=”Bitcoin 101: The new gold or just a flash in the pan?” link=””]The Bitcoin market is worth more than US$1-billion and is gaining attention from financial firms. We take a deeper look at the virtual currency the whole world is buzzing about.

As is always the case with such price moves, observers have been dismissing Bitcoin as a “bubble” since long before prices even hit US$35.

And the observers may well be right.

Bitcoin may be a bubble.

Someday, Bitcoin prices may come crashing down, causing the suckers who own them then to lose their shirts.

But, in the meantime, those who are speculating in Bitcoin are just…

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