Best Places to Waste a Bit of Time for Bits of Bitcoin

NICE POST…Better than mine…Thanks Bitcoin Goddess…We are not worthy!

Bitcoin Goddess

Bitcoin seems to be reaching all new highs each day. This is truly exciting due to the simple fact that Bitcoin is merely in it’s infancy and that not even half of the possible BTC has even been mined as of yet. Only now are people beginning to learn about it’s undeniable presence. When compared to the masses of people who use government issued “fiat”, there are currently few utilisers of Bitcoin…
However, things are changing at this very moment as more and more businesses with online presence are accepting Bitcoin. As well as businesses and service providers such as restaurants, medical clinics and apartment building managers that are catching on to the inevitable trend as well.

There are a lot of “earn Bitcoin sites” out there that claim they will earn you the most Bitcoin for your time. Most of these sites require you to perform extremely irritating tasks…

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