Bitcoin is being used to buy food and drink

The value of money

The digital currency Bitcoin has increased dramatically in the last few weeks, Bitcoin-coinsdividing opinion. Some see it as a new world currency that will destroy the power of the big banks, while others see it as a dangerous bubble. The main problem with Bitcoin, up to now at least, is that it has had a virtual value – there were not many actual goods you could buy with it.

That seems to be changing. In the area of Kreuzberg in Berlin district of Kreuzberg, as this 7-minute film shows, Bitcoin is being traded as an alternative local currency and is used to buy ordinary tangible products: food, drink, vinyl records.

QR on phoneThe traders in this young, bohemian community use mobile phones and ipads with QR codes to trade their Bitcoins.

One platform used is

Bitcoin is particularly popular with people from countries suffering badly in the recession – Spain…

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