Free Bitcoins? Is it True? (Follow Up #2)

So far I am up to .0008424 BTC on my Free Bitcoin expedition. This seems to be legit so I would recommend it to anyone looking to ease (very slowly) into the Bitcoin world. is a site that offers free Bitcoins (uBTC) to those who follow the directions and basically just open a link and look around the site that opens for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can open a new one and collect more. There are only a certain amount of affers per day you can view so it will take a while to earn a relevant amount of Bitcoins.

The actual amount of Bitcoins earned is minor, uBTC, is a fraction of 1 whole bitcoin, but after a while it starts to add up. I am hoping to eventually earn 1 Bitcoin for free from this site and it seems so far that I am on pace by around the end of the year haha. Hey, it’s free so how can you beat it. I will keep you up to date with my progress.


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