Why Bitcoins Are Creating So Much Excitement

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Mobile Marketing Insider

More than $1 billion Bitcoin digital currency now circulates the web. This exceeds the currency stock in circulation of twenty countries. On Wednesday, April 17, 2013 the Bitcoin trading on the Tokyo-based exchange saw it price hit US$266 at one point and then fall to as low as $105. The surge in interest in Bitcoin overwhelmed the network. The leading exchange, Mt. Gox added 75,000 new user earlier this month with 20,000 added in a three-day period. As of April 29, 2013 the price has settled back to an average pricing of $114 as the system adjusts to the new growth.

Bitcoins are creating so much excitement in part due to three reasons.

1.  Bitcoin is highly efficient

Since Bitcoin is universal and not owned by any government, its tax-free.  It can avoid tariffs in foreign countries as it is easily transferred between account holders.  The fee is amazingly small to…

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