Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet

How do you prepare for an interview for a job that doesn’t even exist yet? Seem tough, but very true…Thanks to You Do What?! for the post…

You Do What?!

In today’s ever changing landscape there are certain jobs that have become obsolete as new technology has advanced. Well, the same thing applies for jobs that don’t even exist yet. So how does someone even study something that doesn’t exist? Well there is hope! A lot of what someone learns in college can be applied to other areas that will eventually be in hot demand.

Some jobs coming to the forefront are 3D printing engineers and alternative currency bankers, which a lot of people are saying will be very in demand by 2020. We are already seeing a lot of discussion about BitCoin, a type of digital currency, and how some retailers are adopting this form of currency alongside paper money. And according to Javelin Strategies, 20% of all online trades is done with alternative currency. And 3D printing is a hot topic right now since artists, architects and engineers are using…

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