Bitcoin’s Biggest Impact Could Be Changing How Others Build Products, Say Digital Money Firms

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What do digital payments companies make of Bitcoin? Here at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, a digital money panel featuring PayPal, Stripe and Gumroad gave its thoughts on the currency that has VCs emptying their bank accounts to invest afresh.

Stripe’s John Collison said what stands out most to him about Bitcoin is its accessibility. “Bitcoin is still pretty small in the scheme of things right now but the interesting thing about it is access. No one needs to enable Bitcoins for South Africa, for Pakistan — no one can prevent you from having it. It’s everywhere.

“As we think about new ways to accept payments, there is that desirable aspect to Bitcoin.”

Gumroad’s Sahil Lavingia also chipped in with his two cents – suggesting Bitcoin’s biggest impact could be how it inspires others to build products, not least because of its niche appeal.

“A lot of the ideas that it contains…

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