Renovating Your Mind Takes On The Federal Reserve. Bitcoins Keeps Feds And Banks Out Of Our Financial Future.

Thanks to ‘Renovating Your Mind’ for the post…

Renovating Your Mind

Welcome readers to the Bitcoin Revolution. I heard of the word but never had a clue what Bitcoin meant till I did the research to write this article. Physical dollars from the Federal Reserve are passe. The digital world after completely revamping music and movies is revolutionizing money. It’s something our forefathers would have done if they were in our place.


Take a look at our paper money. At the top of the bill you will see the words, Federal Reserve Note. This paper is printed for the Federal Reserve and is the property of the Federal Reserve. As of ’71, the dollar was no longer backed by a gold standard. Paper money became know as “fiat currency.” Its only intrinsic value is the federal government’s word that it’s actually “real” currency.

Months ago,  Renovating Your Mind found out that the federal government is not part of the Federal Reserve…

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