Bitcoins and the Next Square

Neptune and the Oak

I have been thinking about Bitcoins a lot lately. Some research later (see below) and I find an intriguing story, including a bit of drama, humour and general synchronicity of the best kind in terms of the dominant archetype energies of the times. I am not done with this yet, but I offer my first impressions…

Bitcoins hit the idea-scene in 2008 – the year that Pluto entered Capricorn* – and their sole function is the exchange of money and value via computer and smartphone exclusively involving the two parties exchanging…Attention: that’s a solid example of Uranus in Aries finding a way to say ‘screw you’ to the current traditional monetary systems.

It seems to me that the characteristics of the originator as well as the ongoing ‘in charge’ bunch, manifest some of the higher qualities of Saturn. They have experienced and worked through the typical glitches and…

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