BitCoins Maturing Sooner Than We Thought

Thanks to ‘ardy:theblog’ for the post…


It’s hard to believe that only 30 days ago we were in the midst of the first major Bitcoin  bubble burst as some critics called it. The US Dollar (USD) to BitCoin (BTC) rate spiked to as high as $260 around April 9th only to plunge to just above $50 in a matter of 24 hours, erasing weeks of gains as well as months and years of confidence in the future of the digital currency. Once the media storm blew over and news of the Boston Marathon bombings rightfully took over the global news outlets, BitCoins became yesterday’s news. The currency needed this media vacation to let the market digest all the publicity it had received and for lack of better words, find itself again.

With the exception of the shut-down of the budding BitCoin trading platform BitFloor, the last 3 weeks have proven to be quite uneventful and I’m…

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