Cyber Currency Surge Amid Eurozone Crisis

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Bitcoin Bazaar

Published on Mar 30, 2013

Cyber Currency Gaining Popularity

As investors in cash-strapped countries seek safe havens, the four-year-old Bitcoin sees a surge in popularity.

As the eurozone is rocked by the crisis in Cyprus, a cyber currency called Bitcoin has seen a surge in popularity from people looking for an alternative place to invest their money.

Bitcoins are basically virtual money which can be earned or bought. They were created four years ago by a hacker who remains anonymous.

There are no banks to control them, people just exchange them directly with each other over the internet. That makes them difficult to tax, trace or freeze.

In the last month, the Bitcoin has more than doubled in value.

It is claimed the surge is partly down to people in cash-strapped countries including Spain and Greece turning to Bitcoins in the hope of protecting their money.
The Bitcoin Amir Taaki…

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