$100K traded through Vancouver’s Bitcoin ATM in one week

Thanks to canada.com for the post…I am looking into buying one of these ATM’s to place in here in NY.


The world’s first bitcoin ATM — located in a coffee shop in downtown Vancouver — traded $100,000 CAD of the cybercurrency in its first week, said the man behind the machine.

The strong start was little surprise to Mitchell Demeter, the co-founder of Bitcoiniacs, who said use of the virtual currency continues to grow unchecked.

“We’ve had lineups all day every day,” said Demeter on Friday.

[ooyala code=”9xMWdqZzrSZKPrX9MOlcVbjeD5JtPu7j” image=”http://ak.c.ooyala.com/9xMWdqZzrSZKPrX9MOlcVbjeD5JtPu7j/DLOokYc8UKM-fB9H4xMDoxOjBzMTt2bJ” title=”Bitcoin ATM: How the digital currency works” ]

Bitcoiniacs, which operates a physical bitcoin exchange store near Granville Island in addition to its ATM, is not releasing numbers on how many unique traders had used the ATM, but Demeter said the appeal of bitcoin has begun to reach far beyond the currency’s niche base of tech-savvy netizens.

“We knew people would be excited and interested,” said Demeter. “I’m a little bit surprised by the amount of new people who are excited…

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