Derailment Renews Questions On Automated Speed Control

I knew one of the people that lost their lives on this train. Jim Lovell. He was a great person, Father of 4 and husband. He will surely be missed. He lived his life always geniuinely interested in what others were doing with their lives. Everytime I saw him he would always ask how my family was and how I have been and he truly cared. Brooke, Finn, Jack, Hudson & Nancy, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Jim was a great person!

CBS Connecticut


YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) _ The revelation that a New York City commuter train derailed while barreling around a sharp curve at nearly three times the speed limit is fueling questions about whether automated crash-avoidance technology could have prevented the carnage.

Safety officials have championed what’s known as positive train control technology for decades, but the railroad industry has sought to postpone having to install it because of the high cost and technological issues.

Investigators haven’t yet determined whether the weekend wreck, which killed four people and injured more than 60 others, was the result of human error or mechanical trouble. But some safety experts said the tragedy might not have happened if Metro-North Railroad had the technology, and a lawmaker said the derailment underscored the need for it.

“This incident, if anything, heightens the importance of additional safety measures, like that one,”…

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